Re: RAC and hostnames

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 13:20:40 -0700
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Loial wrote:
> We have a customer running our application in a RAC cluster. The
> application runs on the database server and accesses an oracle
> database.
> Our application has the server hostname configured when installed.
> Customer says that in a failover scenrio that hostname will change.
> Is
> this the case?
> What can I do to ensure that our application runs Ok in failover
> without having to amend the hostname that it references?
> My knowledge of RAC is zer0.

Here is what we need to know to understand what you are doing:

  1. Oracle version (3 decimal places)
  2. Is failover being done with TAF or FCF
  3. Is connection using VIPs (Virtual IP Addresses)

There is a sample TNSNAMES.ORA file for a RAC cluster in Morgan's Library at under "REAL APPLICATION CLUSTERS." Look at how the host has been configured ... the host name does not even enter into the picture.

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