Re: Help, my developers are killing me with varchar2(4000)

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 10:40:10 -0700
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Wolfram Roesler wrote:
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>>> Neither has the question been asked why Oracle doesn't support
>>> a random length string datatype.
>> That question doesn't need to be asked.

> Why not?

Well for one thing there's SYS.ANYDATA.

>> First of all Oracle already has CLOBs for this purpose, since 8.0, so
>> in the previous milennium.

> Can a CLOB be used in the same way a VARCHAR2 can be used, e. g. in

With, in some cases, the use of the DBMS_LOB package: Yes.

>> Secondly, a random length string datatype would cause heavy row
>> chaining, so kill performance.

> Could you elaborate on this?

Go to and look up row chaining. If you don't understand the concept and the implications reading the docs is better than a few random sentences thrown over the cubicle wall.

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Serge: You really need to start spending more time in Redwood Shores. <g> Maybe take a job there.

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