Re: Help, my developers are killing me with varchar2(4000)

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Date: 11 Aug 2008 16:58:06 GMT
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> On Mon, 11 Aug 2008 13:21:42 +0000 (UTC), Wolfram Roesler <>
> wrote:
> > Neither has the question been asked why Oracle doesn't support
> >a random length string datatype.
> That question doesn't need to be asked.
> First of all Oracle already has CLOBs for this purpose, since 8.0, so
> in the previous milennium.

Using Perl's DBD::Oracle, CLOBs have several undesirable side effects if what one wants is a varchar2 but without the arbitrary limit. I don't know if other drivers do a better job of circumventing these problems or not.

> Secondly, a random length string datatype would cause heavy row
> chaining, so kill performance.

If 99.99% of the data has short strings and 0.01% needs row chaining, the performance impact will be negligible, while the benefits of not having 0.01% of your data trigger the collapse of your application are great.

The A, the I, and the D of ACID all "kill" performance, too. Yet they are worth it.


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