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Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2008 15:54:49 +1000
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Hi All,

I've recently returned to doing development in Oracle. Its been a few years and there have been quite a few changes. Last time I worked with Oracle was under 8i. I'm now owrking with a 10g database under a RAC configuration running on 64bit Linux boxes.

I've been checking out some of the new features and packages. One that looks to be very suitable to the project I'm working on is DBMS_RLMGR. I've learnt in the past to be a little wary of very new oracle features and usually prefer to wait until they have been out for a while. However, this package appears to do almost exactly what I need and I suspect that older Oracle features, such as oracle Workflow are based on a similar/same functions inside, so the technology is possibly more/better udnerstood/tested than some other products.

What I'm looking for is some feedback from anyone who has used this package and what their experiences were like, especially if they ran into any problems or any limitations that were not obvious from the documentation.

Possibly best to mail me directly. If there was any interest, I would be happy to summarise responses and post back to the list.


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