100% CPU Usage and Generation of Huge trace file

From: Paul <paulwragg2323_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 04:39:33 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <1610c352-9efd-439c-8f44-cc830d66ab0a@i76g2000hsf.googlegroups.com>

I am using Oracle on a Windows Server 2000 box. I am attempting to perform a full export of the database using exp. When it gets to Exporting Public Synonyms, the CPU reaches 99% for the Oracle process, and the generation of a trace file in the udump directory goes into overdrive (it will generate about 1GB per minute. I then tried exporting individual users - this works for some, but not for others.
I ran ultirp.sql script, the utlrp.sql. At some point in this script the CPU reaches 99% again, and again the trace file is generated.

The step on which the CPU usage maxed out was:

Execute dbms_registry_sys.validate_components;

The only way to stop this is to shut the DB down. Clearly something is not correct and I have no idea what. There is some information in the trace file at the top, then there is the following:

type=""[108] lock=00000000 handle=00000000 spec=31911614 level=1 flags=BDY/NST/NBD/[aee] executions=183706240  sqltxt(3408292C)=SELECT SYNNAM, DBMS_JAVA.LONGNAME(SYNNAM2) SYNNAM2, DBMS_JAVA.LONGNAME(SYNTAB) SYNTAB, TABOWN, TABNODE, PUBLIC$, SYNOWN, SYNOWNID, TABOWNID, SYNOBJNO FROM SYS.EXU9PTS ORDER BY SYNTIME   hash=503f915b95d68f67f6a948e38ad35fbf
  parent=31911E74 maxchild=01 plk=323CABF0 ppn=n cursor instantiation=0AEEBF68 used=1217582378  child#0(340827E8) pcs=31912078
  clk=323C7AD8 ci=31911614 pn=3414C3E4 ctx=30EA8F00  kgsccflg=0 llk[0AEEBF6C,0AEEBF6C] idx=0  xscflg=c0100076 fl2=4040401 fl3=2222008 fl4=100  Frames pfr 0B132B60 siz=47140 efr 0AECFF34 siz=46364

 kxscphp  0AEB6110 siz=3032 inu=0 nps=1912
 kxscdfhp 0AEC0274 siz=1000 inu=0 nps=56
 kxscwhp  0AEE01F0 siz=339320 inu=0 nps=330480
----- Call Stack Trace -----
calling              call     entry                argument values in
location             type     point                (? means dubious
-------------------- -------- --------------------

_ksedst+38 CALLrel _ksedst1+0 0 0
_ksm_4031_dump+1178 CALLrel _ksedst+0 0
_ksmasg+237 CALLrel _ksm_4031_dump+0 4014FFF 53AD4D4
3189D084 24002000 1000 405A5DC
_kghnospc+876 CALLreg 00000000 A12AD10 53AD4D4
1000 1000 53AD4F8 ACB5CDC 24002000 0 405A5DC
_kghalo+1536 CALLrel _kghnospc+0 A12AD10 3189D084
FC0 405A5DC 4002000 03DBB410 CALLrel 0404E38C A12AD10 3189D084 FC0 7FFFFFFF 0 0 4002000 0 405A5DC 03EE4AA4 CALLrel 03DBB1A4 ACB74BC 30E37750 1000 ACB6444 190009 0 03DBA0FD CALLreg 00000000 ACB74BC ACB6404 03E2BD37 CALLrel 03DB9BFE ACB74BC 3EE4A88 ACB6404 0 ACB5FD0 ACB63B8 ACB63BC 03EE4AED CALLrel 03E2BBE2 ACB74BC B8B9F9F 3EE4A88 ACB6404 0 0 03DE65DD CALLrel 03EE4AB6 03DE688F CALLrel 03DE65A4 03DE72BD CALLrel 03DE6750 03DE826E CALLrel 03DE729A B8B9F9F 30BBBA08 30E37750 0 18 5 03EE942A CALLrel 03DE825C 03F2B990 CALLrel 03EE9414 03F251A8 CALLrel 03F2B968 ACB6538 30BBBA08 03F3D43C CALLrel 03F217C6 ACB74BC B8B9F9F 0 3DA7E26 30BBBA08 75 0 0 0 ACB7130 0 326DF35C 326DF360 03E66D22 CALLrel 03F3D394 03E66EF6 CALLrel 03E66C14 ACB7224 ACBC4D8 03DAA9D9 CALLrel 03E66EA8 ACB74BC 30BBBA08 75 3DA7E26 326DF35C 326DF360 03DA5491 CALLrel 03DAA5F4 A12AD10 0 30BBBA08 30E37768 B9B01E8 3DA2C7A 0 27B B9B02EB 03DA7952 CALLrel 03DA2D8C A12AD10 30BBBA08 4 0 0 B9B01E8 3DA2C7A
_joxldn+21 CALL??? 00000000 A12AD10 30BBBA08 4
__VInfreq___PGOSF30 CALLrel _joxldn+0 A12AD10 30BBBA08 4
__PGOSF307__kqlmcdl CALLrel __PGOSF308__kqlplsl 30BBBA08 ACB9AFC 4
od+12                         od+0

_kqllod+1716 CALL??? 00000000 30BBBA08 ACB9AFC 4
_kglobld+912 CALLreg 00000000 A12AD10 30BBBA08
_kglobpn+918 CALLrel _kglobld+0 A12AD10 3189CF8C
ACB9AFC 323EDB00 0
_kglpim+264 CALLrel _kglobpn+0 A12AD10 323EDB00
ACB9AFC 1 03DB6259 CALLrel 0404E2D2 A12AD10 ACB9AFC 323EDB00 03F21757 CALLrel 03DB5B50 ACBC9A4 ACBA13C 30BBBA08 0 1 ACBA144 11 03DBA0FD CALLreg 00000000 ACBC9A4 ACBA0F4 03E2BD37 CALLrel 03DB9BFE ACBC9A4 3F21738 ACBA0F4 0 ACB9CC0 ACBA0A8 ACBA0AC 03F217A7 CALLrel 03E2BBE2 ACBC9A4 B8B9F9F 3F21738 ACBA0F4 0 0 03E1F5B0 CALLrel 03F2176A 03E2086D CALLrel 03E1F3CE B8B9F9F ACBA18C 30BBBA08 0 0 03E20932 CALLrel 03E2083A B8B9F9F 30BBBA08 0 0 BA05A1EF 03F1B92E CALLrel 03E208C2 B8B9F9F 2ABF4375 0 0 03E21711 CALLrel 03F1B8FC B8B9F9F 2ABF4375 0 03EEB7FC CALLrel 03E216D8 B8B9F9F 2ABF6DED 2ABF2180 03DF9AD5 CALLrel 03EEB710 03DF9A64 CALLrel 03DF9A76 B8B9F9F BA7D7DF 2ABF2180 1E 03DF9BD6 CALLrel 03DF99B0 B8B9F9F 2ABF231D F1 03E17B0D CALLrel 03DF9B64 03F05A73 CALLrel 03E17AB4 0B8B8DA4 CALL??? 00000000 0B8B70AC CALL??? 00000000 0B91ED70 CALL??? 00000000 0B8B6D5F CALL??? 00000000

The CALL??? 00000000 then just continues until either the disk runs out of space or the instance is shutdown.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions??

I can post the rest of the file (the top part) if this will help - just wasn't sure if I needed to!

Thanks in advance! Received on Fri Aug 01 2008 - 06:39:33 CDT

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