Re: Moving/compressing *.trc files.

From: Laurenz Albe <>
Date: 30 Jul 2008 08:43:36 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Frank R. <> wrote:

>> On Unix systems in the past, I've set up a cron job to compress/move
>> trace files over a certain age - for example, three days - with no
>> problems.

> Thanks for the response.
> My OS is Linux RedHat and yes, I've also deleted old logfiles using
> cron scripts. The main difference is tht in this case these trc files
> are still reported as used (by "lsof" command), that's why I am afraid
> of making some oracle background process crash if I suddenly wipe the
> file out.

You need not be afraid of that.

What is more cumbersome is that the disk space will not be freed until the file is really deleted, which is when the last Oracle process that holds it open terminates or closes the file.

We have found that there are always a number of trace files which are held open that way without obvious reason. When we asked Oracle, they said that that's ok and we shouldn't worry.

You could modify your cron script so that it only deletes/compresses a trace file if it is no longer accessed. You can use the /sbin/fuser command to check if anything keeps the file open.

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