Re: how much swap for 10g on a 4Gb RAM system?

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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 08:31:23 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jul 29, 8:34 am, (obakesan) wrote:
> Hi
> I'm just going through installing 10g and wondered about the swap
> requirements. The documents I'm reading suggest:
> " Swap space should be twice the amount of RAM for systems with 2GB of
> RAM or less and between one and two times the amount of RAM for systems with
> more than 2GB. "
> Since I've got 4 Gig, do I really need 4Gig of Swap? I'm not pressing this
> system as its just a "learning" platform.

According to the documentation the minimum recommended amount of swap space would be 3 gig for a system with installed RAM in excess of 2 gig, and configuring your swap area equal to your installed RAM is, I think, a good idea. You really have no idea what Oracle may need for background processes, etc., and you should configure your swap according to the recommendations provided. Remember you're providing swap for the entire operating system and the associated processes running against it, not just Oracle.

> Has anyone got any experience with trying this with less:
> $ grep -i swaptotal /proc/meminfo
> SwapTotal:     2031608 kB

I've seen UNIX/Linux installations configured with less than the recommended swap space and it can not be pretty. Disk space is cheap, so why be stingy?

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