Re: Help, my developers are killing me with varchar2(4000)

From: <>
Date: 28 Jul 2008 16:55:34 GMT
Message-ID: <20080728125540.516$> wrote:
> I have a developer that created some tables in a development instnace
> and wants me to promote them to QA. I took a look at them, and nearly
> every column is varchar2(4000). I am pretty sure this is overkill for
> most of them. I know it takes up as much room as the data, but I just
> don't like this design philosophy. Does anyone have any references/
> urls saying this is a bad idea to design tables like this?

How can people provide a reference as to whether *your* data is such that varchar2(4000) is reasonable or not?

> It has been
> my experience that you get bad data by allowing columns to contain
> more data then what it should really hold.

Because data entry clerks just keep adding gibberish to the end of the data until it gets rejected for being oversize, and then cut off the last byte of gibberish until it stops being rejected? "We let people enter random crap, but by God it has to be random crap of the correct length!"


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