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From: joel garry <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 11:18:26 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jul 22, 11:12 pm, Mladen Gogala <> wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Jul 2008 09:34:22 +0200, Giganews wrote:
> > I don't know WHAT it is waiting for, but I know WHO is waiting: at some
> > point in the alert log, I get several messages MMNL absent for 1205
> > secs; Foregrounds taking over MMNL absent for 2856 secs; Foregrounds
> > taking over etc.
> > I found on Metalink that this might be a problem with the Undo
> > tablespace datafile definition, when max size < initial size. This was
> > probably the case in our system: we had set Initial Size to 1024000 KB,
> > and max size to 1000 MB. I changed max size to 2 GB and the problem
> > seems to be fixed. Yesterday, the procedure took about 90 minutes, which
> > is a normal duration.
> > pher
> I would be most interested in the ML note that lead you to the conclusion
> about "MMNL absent" notes being caused by the undo tablespace. I found the
> following note: Note:567562.1
> I will quote the most important part:
> Cause
> The Memory Monitor Light (MMNL) process is a new process in 10g which
> works with the Automatic Workload Repository new features (AWR) to write
> out full statistics buffers to disk as needed. These messages can be
> generated if you have the database in restricted mode.
> Sat May 10 02:28:03 2008
> Starting ORACLE instance (restrict)
> ...
> Sat May 10 03:37:39 2008
> MMNL absent for 4159 secs; Foregrounds taking over
> Sat May 10 06:13:28 2008
> MMNL absent for 13509 secs; Foregrounds taking over
> Sat May 10 06:42:35 2008
> MMNL absent for 15256 secs; Foregrounds taking over
> Sat May 10 07:26:42 2008
> MMNL absent for 17902 secs; Foregrounds taking over
> Sat May 10 10:32:08 2008
> MMNL absent for 29029 secs; Foregrounds taking over
> Sat May 10 10:37:12 2008
> MMNL absent for 29334 secs; Foregrounds taking over
> Sat May 10 11:38:47 2008
> ALTER SYSTEM disable restricted session;
> Solution
> Messages are informational only. They will stop once the database is no
> longer in restricted mode.
> As for the "I don't know what is it waiting for", I believe that 10g
> might have
> tables like V$SESSION_WAIT and V$SESSION_EVENT for that purpose.
> --
> Mladen Gogala

You should have clicked on the links at the bottom of that. They lead to Note:462402.1 which leads to bug 5470031 .

Search MMNL in the bug database. Looks like there are a lot of not-a- bug type hits there, like 5978008 for example - you look at the related bugs and they are closed due to lack of data, or nonaccessible.   I get the feeling from poking around there that these are the sort of things that cause lots of minor curiousnesses from a new feature, but little is ever really told to us out in the real world, and they go away on upgrading or "empiricist tuning." Then most people sort of forget about them. The "sweep it under the carpet" method of software quality control.

Personally, I find the concept of a tuning process that trips over its own genitals very humorous.

(While I may be making fun of "empiricist tuning," I think the fact that it here solved the problem shows why so many people think it works - a magick incantation fixed the problem, which may or may not have reflected the actual problem. I think the Rapid Visibility stuff is good, though dangerous in the wrong hands, which could be the majority.)

I think it is very odd that the bug as stated has not been fixed yet. I take that as an indicator that it must be hard, and therefore must extend over a lot of code, perhaps because there are now so many new features like ASSM and AWR tacked on top of very old dictionary objects.


-- is bogus.
"Something we are generating is causing the db to puke. " - Metalink
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