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From: Jack <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 07:11:17 GMT
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Made some testing.

Copy 500MB from one server to other. It took 20seconds. There is 1Gbps network, about 25% utilization while copying. -> 90 GB can be tranferred in one hour.
In our environment disks are limiting speed. RAID-10 system. This very system is Windows platform.

You could also try transportable tablespaces. What is your data amount? How much time to make switch? We just got our consolited server upgrade done into new server (9iR2->10R2) First week in production now, quite silent at this summer time thought.

(Well, Still an other consolidated server with 9iR2 in Linux platform, former it was in Sun Solaris/Oracle9i)

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> We are replatforming our datawarehouse from Oracle 9i in Sun Solaris
> to 10g in IBM AIX 5.3. There is a direct connect network link
> (Gigabit) setup between the two servers. The plan is to transfer the
> data over a dblink.
> When we tested the network link, we got 50G per hour using binary mode
> whereas ascii mode gave us 3G per hour. There is no other traffic
> through this direct connect link. Data transferred over DBLink also
> gave the same results as the ascii test.
> 1. Is this difference between speeds because the different servers
> (sun and ibm)? There must be some kind of data translation between the
> two.
> 2. What can be done at the Oracle level to overcome this?
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