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From: joel garry <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 10:13:44 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jul 12, 8:25 am, Mark D Powell <> wrote:
> On Jul 11, 2:13 pm, Chuck <> wrote:
> > joel garry wrote:
> > > I'm wondering if this may answer your delete question, at least for
> > > the catalog:
> > > Also see unregister:
> > >
> > I may be wrong but I don't believe after a duplication the auxiliary
> > db's backups done under the old dbid have a status of "DELETED". I think
> > they are still "AVAILABLE". At least that's what "list backup" reports
> > (after jumping through a few hoops to get it to even be able to list
> > them). And I want them hanging around for a while in case I have to fall
> > back to one of them. After all isn't that point of taking a backup in
> > the first place?
> > Also I don't want to unregister the database. That would delete all of
> > the backups for the old dbid. I want them kept until they are older than
> > 30 days (which is my configured retention period).
> > These are exactly the reasons why I *want* to be able to reset the dbid
> > to the original one. To simplify administrations of backups on a test
> > db, in noarchivelog mode, who's backups will always be done offline, and
> > where I want to use a simple "delete obsolete" to manage the old backups.
> If these are test/development databases that are regularly overlaid
> from another source why are you backing them up with rman to begin
> with.  Wouldn't an export taken in the middle of the night provide the
> necessary backup that you could keep for N time?  Using rman to do the
> backup in this case seems like an unnecessary complication.
> -- Mark D Powell --

Now that we have a better idea of what Chuck wants to do, I'd say his requirements are reasonable. Some apps have very special needs in order to change schema names or work from an imp (personally, I wish there was an alter schema command, because I really don't like having the same schema name in test and production for the app I work on, so it makes it necessary for me to have a complicated and slower process to make test or dev db's). He wants to be able to dup a db, then be able to restore previous to the dupe. RMAN ought to be able to make that easy, but trying to figure out how is making my brain hurt, and I'm not sure what obvious thing I've overlooked, and I don't have time to test.

Charles' post is the only one he has made that I've seen, where my reaction was "Egad! Don't tell people to do that!" Different experiences make different fears, I guess. I've seen bigtime screwups when people start getting cute with misdirecting tnsnames entries. I've seen even bigger screwups where they can't get it right in the first place. I've even been feeling a little guilty the past few days because I have an update I wrote where I named the script based on the particular location it is updating, and then added another location to it (kind of the downside of "if you want to get something done fast, give it to a busy person").


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