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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 05:56:59 GMT
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> I sent him an email. We are still down and now the top muckity mucks on
> our
> end are screaming at the duty manager. (since we have been down for 30
> hours)

How was this resolved eventually? Did you guys shoot yourself in the foot somehow ( haven't we all done that before ) or was it an oracle problem or bug?
It was an Oracle bug. (fairly certain) The thing that pisses me off is that in our organization we switched to a matrix organization. So now the guy in charge of ops got out operational DBA. He didn't have any other dba's so he usurped the one we hired to do software upgrades etc. He ignored our requests to upgrade the software. (for over 6 months) He assigned another task that ate up the operational dba's time for 6 months (not doing Oracle things) and so when things went TU it wasn't surprising.

Of course, his answer is we we have to install another RAC instance at the site I am at... so we can fail over. \

So you don't pay attention to your operational and development dba (and the sysadmin) to do timely upgrades that the vendor (Oracle and Sun) strongly recommend and now you want to add more complexity to the system. (and of course with yet another OS at his location.) This guy doesn't know squat about how to set up Oracle or anything. It is all about hardware under his control.

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