Re: create database fatal error

From: Tommy Halsbrekk <>
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2008 15:28:25 +0200
Message-ID: <4870c872$> wrote:

 > The SYSTEM tablespace is implicitly created during CREATE database.
 > However, apart from the fact you can't drop it, it is a normal
 > tablespace.

thanks for clearing that up for me.

> You didn't. The first script contains valid directories, the second
> doesn't. Please don't try to cheat yourself out, and admit you posted
> two different, non-compatible scripts.
> And apologize for all the yelling!

Dont worry about it, thats not the problem, the scripts execute fine, its just the tablespace that is the problem.

BTW, dont think for a minute you have some special right to yell at people, while they are supposed to keep quite. When people yell at me, I tend to yell back. Deal with it.

I am not trying to be rude, but I posted a simple question in post number 2 and I have spent 10 posts listening to abuse from you because you dont like how I do things. If you had just given the reply you gave in the post I am now replying, which is the answer to my direct question, it would have all been over, in three posts, painlessly.

> Finally: You should stop trying to include creating a database in an
> installation procedure (as you obviously are), or you must love to
> have DBAs after you to lynch you.

Thats the lovely thing about preference, you dont decide how I do things. You can make comments, but its ultimately I who decide, based on the circumstances of my situation and knowledge.

Most DBA or admins I have met, are nice and helpful people who put their own preferences on hold, while they spend time trying to understand my issue and how to solve it. At the same time, they try to excite me about their product. Thats ok. But once in a while I meet some people that starts frowning if I ask a question that they feel is beneath them, is not the right question or the questions show lack of knowledge. They start showing their discontent and dispenses abuse instead of being polite and trying to understand the issue. They are typically called Bastard Operators From Hell, who end up sitting alone in a corner in the office because no one likes them.

If you cant separate your issues about preference from the questions, i.e. be objective and professional, then thats too bad. You cant expect everybody to do as you say, just because you say it. The only power you have, is that of sharing your knowledge, nothing more.

If I could start all over again, knowing what I know now, I might have chosen dbca or spent some time on trying to convince the company that we should redesign the whole installation procedure using the dbca silent mode or the dbca script functionality. But since I cant do that, please have the professionalism to stop yelling because people dont do what you try to demand.


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