Re: create database fatal error

From: Jorge Corvazier <>
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2008 01:31:18 +0200
Message-ID: <g4p083$cf0$> wrote:
> But no sign of that.
> In sqlplus the @ sign is used a shortcut for $ORACLE_SID (except for
> the database name), so the script is a piece of junk, 'written' by
> someone who thinks he knows everything better.

You are a moron, you evidently dont have the brains to understand the evidence which is presented, even when it was explained in the previous post.

> This is very very funny. Look who's saying this! Someone from Norway
> who can't be bothered to read documentation, who can't be bothered to
> use the right tools for the right jobs, and who posts two completely
> different scripts, and accuses someone of not reading his posts.
> People are trying to help you out voluntarily. If you would like to
> receive any help in the future, apologies would be in order.

What the fuck!!! name calling is a justified response??? Are you still in kindergarden. You should be the one apologizing for posting abuse instead of trying to understand what is stated.

> But probably there is another general tip to anyone responding:
> Too many people asking for help, refuse to do anything to resolve
> their own problem: they just dump it, expecting someone else will do
> their work for free.

To sybrand and Arch

Here is another general tip: there are too many fat assholes thinking they own the world because they have some knowledge. They also seem to think that this gives them the right to treat other people like shit, even for asking a straight forward question.

People like you have no clue what people are doing, or have done, to solve their problems, you just yell at them hiding behind childish statements like "RTFM" or "you havent tried to resolve the problem yourself"

The only reason people like are here is because you have low selfasteam, and think that hiding behind a screen while yelling at people is beeing brave.

Thank god most people have other interrests than oracle, otherwise we would all be top notch Oracle DBAs and nobody would be left to do other stuff, like producing the systems that use oracle which produces the money you earn every month which you can use to buy food you eat everyday so you can do a job countless others can do instead of you.

So get it into your big fat heads, you are not helping by abusing people. You are not worth anything more than other people and you are not irreplaceable.

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