Re: Oracle support is sub-optimal

From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2008 15:56:04 -0500
Message-ID: <pbRbk.14360$>

gym dot scuba dot kennedy at gmail wrote:
> I used to be a big fan of Oracle support. When I had some very sticky
> situations they came through. Now they have so segmented it that your
> Severity 1 SR is passed around non-stop. Actually, it is with a lot of
> stops. Each time they pass it around it takes at least 30 minutes for the
> next engineer to ask you yet again for the log files you already uploaded.
> If that engineer goes home then the SR languishes for over an hour in some
> queue. (until you call up and bitch) It shouldn't take over 12 hours for a
> Sev 1 SR to be resolved. Most of the time has been spent waiting for the
> next engineer to read the notes and ask for more or more recent logs. (for a
> down system, they don't change much)
> Then if it is a "different issue" they open yet another SR. I suspect that
> technique is to make their call resolution look good. (it is a different sr
> at that point) They are shooting themselves in the foot. Our company was
> purchased by another company with no Oracle experience and this will lead
> upper management to believe the Oracle prodcuts are "sub-optimal".
> Jim

I have been on a support call long enough for the SR to be transferred around the world twice (literally) before someone took ownership and stayed with it until it was done. The xfer to the next timezone usually occurred 30 minutes before the assigned analyst was to go off-shift. He/she looked at it for 10 minutes and passed it on to the next timezone (US -> Australia -> India -> UK -> US east -> US West (and sometimes US Mtn (ie Colorado))

IMPO in this day and age of the bottom line, most Cxx-types have forgotten they really only have 2 very important people they **must** keep happy. Their employees and their customers. And since they have forgotten this by commoditizing their employees and because the employees are in constant fear of the layoff/being outsourced - they don't care which causes them to neglect the MIP (most import person) - their customer. Stock prices will come and go, investors/stockholders will also come and go - but if you don't keep your customers satisfied with the value they feel they are paying for your product - which includes support services - you will not have any of the others. Received on Sat Jul 05 2008 - 15:56:04 CDT

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