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On Jul 2, 5:31 pm, hpuxrac <> wrote:
> On Jul 1, 1:14 pm, joel garry <> wrote:
> snip
> > You're my hero! :-)
> > I saw Carlin do the Halloween show at UCSB, 1978.  Afterwards, there
> > was a "min-riot" in Isla Vista.  I was lucky, I didn't live there that
> > year, we saw lots of SB county sheriffs going in as we drove out.  We
> > also saw people dressed up in police costumes (some with pig masks)...
> > jg
> Well if it means anything I laughed my but off when Mr. Carlin tried
> to score some ( well stuff ) from our table hanging out after high
> school at a Perkins Pancake in Kent Ohio ( must have been summer of
> 73 ).  He wandered over from his table where several of his traveling
> road show members were still sitting.
> We were like "dude you look like a narc" just for giggles ... he was
> definitely a few pounds heavy and getting a bald spot way back then.
> He had just done a show last night at Kent State and needed to try to
> bother us?  Wow.
> He wasn't impressed with our humour and walked away with a red face.
> Geez at least he could have laughed.
> But for comedy at that time we were much more into Cheech and Chong
> maybe even Firesign Theater ( ala Were ALL Bozos on this bus ) or
> Zappa and the Mothers .
> Carlin seemed to have ambition but was working it way too hard.  Not
> funny to high school freaks.
> I guess it did prove that we had some pretty impressive long hair for
> high school students back then!
> For whatever it is worth ...

Many frgeekcredits for that one!

Someday I'll be brave enough to post my high school yearbook picture :-)

Someday I'll get around to posting my credit as a sound guy for an Ossman show.

Someday I'll remember not to get my hispanic boss started on C&C (he does have an amazing memory).

Saw Zappa a gazillion times, including one show where he did Reuben and the Jets as a warmup band and then a full Mother's concert, and the Waka Jawaka concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Really gave me quite the attitude looking down upon '70s music. (My sister and cousin sang in our high school chorus with Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan. The Volmans lived around the corner from us when I was little.).

To your list I'd say ditto, and add Congress of Wonders (sf bay area group) and Credibility Gap (see wikipedia). Oh, can't forget National Lampoon.

This must have something to do with Oracle... perhaps in that it takes a certain set of intelligence and personality traits to deal with it.


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