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Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 09:43:40 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jun 30, 11:52 pm, wrote:
> Arch wrote:
> > On Mon, 30 Jun 2008 16:55:55 -0700, DA Morgan <>
> > wrote:
> > > wrote:
> > >> I got some guidance earlier (TA!) about what possibilities their were
> > >> for slicig and dicing 3 X18 GB disks on a Sun 440 development box for
> > >> Oracle 10G. So now current plan is to put Solaris 10 and query app on
> > >> disk1, oracle product on a 5G B slice /u01 on disk2 and data on disk3 /
> > >> u02.
> > >> I know the data is not secure cos nothing is mirrored, but we are
> > >> going to run in for a month, which should produce about  18GB of data,
> > >> before we can move to production.
> > >> Maybe I should create another slice or two on disk3 and use them for
> > >> logging for example, to try and add some performance  - I have not yet
> > >> installed 10G R2 and am not shooting for ASM this time round.
> > >> Any hints appreciated!
> > >My personal recommendation would be to use them as a boat anchor and
> > >get one really fast SATA drive for $50.

This is possible after you buy a SATA HBA and have external drives..

> > >But if they are what you have ... then SAME ... Stripe and Mirror
> > >Everything.
> > Max,
> > I use a 440 for development - does a fine job.  If you really are
> > limited to 3 18GB disks, however, you don't have enough drives or disk
> > space to stripe and mirror.  Slicing the disks up the way you are
> > describing is a waste of time.  You will get zero benefit and quite
> > probably make it more difficult to manage the space for your database.
> > When you install Solaris, create the least number and largest size
> > partitions that you can.
> > BTW - SCSI drives are cheap on eBay.

Larger Sun branded Ultra-320's ? Maybe - they certainly should be. But a rackmount full wont be.

> > Good Luck,

: >

> Good points about upgrading the number and type of disks.
> I dunno about the least number of partitions, This is a dev box and
> will move to production after it has been proved it works,

This is a funny thing to say "proved it works". Of course it will WORK.
How well is the question.

> I actually read the install instructions for 10G on Sol10 ans in the appendix it
> suggests mount points /u01 and /u02 -

Cookie cutter suggestions some of which are left over from the 1990's. Take then with a grain of salt and factor in the fact that you only have 2 disks available for Oracle db's etc. and disks are
small and relatively slow. I agree with Arch and have to say you are obsessing over
the wrong things. No point in doing anything other than making the install as
simple as you can. 1 disk for OS and Oracle installation and run time binaries
2 for "data". one slice for OS one slice for swap.

> I thoght there was some benefit
> in having mountpoints mapping the slices so that if we really did run
> out of space a new disk or two could replace a slice.

If you use ASM you can just add disks merrily away while the system is up and running i do believe... You have space for one more disk on V440 as well..

> Cos i reckon that actually running out of space might prompt the
> purchase of extra disks, and i want the dev architecture to be
> scaleable (ie just add hardware).

Wait. You have already posted before this is a transitional box that is proof of
concept only. Are you now changing your tune? You guys need a consultant. Received on Wed Jul 02 2008 - 11:43:40 CDT

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