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From: Veeru71 <m_adavi_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 04:12:05 -0700 (PDT)
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I have a table with 2 columns.....

CREATE TABLE TEST ( ID NUMBER(5), NAME VARCHAR2(30)) My data file looks like the following and '|' is the col delimiter

10| |                -- single space
20|     |            -- 5 spaces
30|\ |               -- back slash followed by a single space
40||                 -- 0 spaces
50|JOHN     |   --  valid data with possible trailing spaces

My requirement is...
In the 'NAME' column,

  1. if the data contains 1 or more spaces (eg. 1st & 2nd lines), it should be loaded as a single space.
  2. If the data contains '\ ' (i.e, backslash followed by a single space, eg. 3rd line) it should be loaded as a single space
  3. If there is no data (eg. 4th line), it should be loaded as NULL 4)Any other data should be right-trimmed (eg. 5 th line should be loaded as 'JOHN' without any trailing spaces).

The following control file is working to some extent but it is unable to load the 2nd line (more than 1 space) properly. Multiple spaces are getting RTRIMmed to empty string and hence, a NULL is getting loaded.

ctl file

load data
infile 'test.unl'
preserve blanks
into table TEST
fields terminated by '|'
trailing nullcols
NAME CHAR(30) "DECODE(:NAME, ' ', ' ', '\\\ ', ' ', RTRIM(:NAME))" )

Any thoughts ?
Thanks in advance
- Murty Received on Wed Jul 02 2008 - 06:12:05 CDT

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