Re: Protect record from deletion via trigger

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2008 13:10:14 -0700
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hpuxrac wrote:

> Tom Kyte says ( and I believe him ) "Triggers are evil" ... therefore
> don't use them at all or at least minimize their usage.

If you are going to quote Tom, and he did say it, then quote him in context:

Responding to the statement:
"Protecting data integrity is paramount,"

Tom wrote:
"indeed it is, that is why triggers are evil :)

Most of the time, "business logic"/"data logic" that is implemented in triggers is done incorrectly (that is what I mean by people abuse triggers)."

It is not the triggers that are the issue ... it is poor implementations with triggers. There is a time and place for triggers. And when used correctly they can be the best solution possible.

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