Re: Best way to delete million records

From: fefe78 <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 10:58:13 +0200
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The table is indexed, and this is a one time procedure. After this will be scheduled a job to daily delete old records. In some forums I red that drop indexes and ricreate them after deletion, could be a good solution.

Robert Klemme ha scritto:
> On Jun 30, 10:00 am, fefe78 <> wrote:

>> I have to delete about 43 millions rows from a table, but the following
>> conditions exist:
>> - The table is not partitioned and unfortunately I can't modify the
>> structure
>> - The delete procedure must be done without stopping service, so I can't
>> use CTAS, moving records and renaming table.
>> - I can't use truncate because the records affected are selected in a
>> range of dates
>> Waiting your suggestions and probable problems for this procedure.

> If you do not have proper indexes in place not matter what you need to
> at least once run through the whole table. If this is a task you face
> regularly I'd probably bite the bullet and create appropriate indexes
> or - even better - partitions. If this is just done on few occasions
> it might be better to just issue the DELETE and wait. Watch out for
> undo / redo sizes though.
> Kind regards
> robert
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