Re: Need help: wio rease from 1% to more than 50% after increasing SGA size

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Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 04:24:24 GMT
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> I don't think 8.1.7 is even supported any more. Upgrade to something a
> little more recent.
> To find out why trace what the queries are doing. What is taking so long?

maybe that's a solution, but currently it could not help me out of trouble.

To my understanding, enlarge data buffer will do help with oracle performance, but whil wio increase so fast?

No, it will not necessarily help your performance. You are ignoring analyzing what is going on, what is actually the bottleneck. Regardless of the version you need to identify what step int he query process is taking so long. Then work to eliminate the largest one. That may mean a larger cache size, but not necessarily.
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