Re: sol 10 3 disks and 10G ASM

From: AGT <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 22:16:03 -0700
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On Wed, 25 Jun 2008 15:42:10 -0700, max.fontain wrote:

> AGT wrote:

>> On Wed, 25 Jun 2008 05:03:00 -0700, max.fontain wrote:
>> >
>> > Have a development box to get together. Later a production box will be
>> > provided. Idea is to craete a scalable solution for say 18 months
>> > worth of data say 400Gb, but initially on a oldish Sun 440 with 3 X 18
>> > GB disks which migh hold  1--2 months data - it grows linearly.
>> > So anyway we have 3 disks, disk1 for Solaris 10 and reporting tool.
>> > disk2 and 3 for Oracle.
>> > And I want to use ASM, unless someone explains there is a better way.
>> > So not quite sure how to do this. Should I install Oracle onto disk1
>> > and then use ASM to manage the data on disk2 and 3.
>> > Any hints gratefully received!
>> A 440 can do a fair amount of work but expecting to run a 400 GB
>> database on the 4 internal SCSI Ultra 320 HDs is a bit much.
>> a) Youll want to mirror the OS etc so there goes 2 right away.
>> b) you could cat the remaining two with ASM to acheive just over 400 GB.
>>    But only two disks and ASM..? I wonder if its even worth doing
>> Get an HBA or two and hook up to a SAN. You can still use ASM but it
>> wont make a speck of difference if the SAN is decent quality.
>> What you could do is set up a small lab and test various configs with
>> Swingbench

> I did not explain myself very well. The production server will not be
> a 440 - it will be something else.

And that would be...
> I am trying to get together a proof of concept with only 3 X 18 GB
> disks - I dont need to mirror the solaris disks cos it is a dvelopment
> box.

You have enough for proof of concept then

> There will not be a SAN available for production - a disk array
> maybe.

What kind of array...

> I think I should shoot for ASM to manage the data on the disks - but I
> dont yet understand ASM properly ( have some time to read the docs
> next week or the week after. But I am not sure how to install Oracle
> so as to use ASM to manage disk2 and disk3 -maybe I have to install
> Oracle 10G on disk 1?

The installer procedure will guide you through but the disks must be prepped for ASM. So must the OS itself. Or installer wont see the disks.
Sounds like you aint read a dang thing yet alright. 18GB is plenty for the OS and Oracle after installation. I think that ASM work best as whole disks ....
Not much proof of concept going on with 2 sets of platters though. I guess something is better than nothing. Actually its not a bad little test box. But you should attach more disks at some point Received on Thu Jun 26 2008 - 00:16:03 CDT

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