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Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 12:16:18 -0700 (PDT)
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RE: wpg_docload / Oracle 10g / Windows XP / IE7

We have an Oracle 10g application, built using Oracle PL/SQL Toolkits and PSPs, using an Oracle database with an HTML front-end (hosted by an Apache web server). We use the WPG_DOCLOAD package to upload and download attachments to/from the database (i.e. Excel and Word files, etc).

When the users download the documents back to their PC, internally we call the method:


and they are then prompted to open or save the file. If they choose save, the save dialog window appears but the name of the file is pmp_file_download (the name of our oracle stored procedure that calls the wpg_docload package) and is not the actual name of the file itself.

Thus, the default behavior (for Save As) is a complex combination of looking at the MIME type plus the name of the database object that calls this method itself. We'd much rather pass a value like "sample.xls" as the Save As filename instead.

Has anyone figured out a way around this problem? Of course, I've looked at the package's source code - and there's no parameter I can send to WPG_DOCLOAD to make this happen. If there is, perhaps you could tell me?

Thank you!
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