Re: Connecting to oracle (via JDBC) from unix through a firewall

From: Juha Laiho <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 15:42:03 GMT
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geoffeg <> said:
>I am trying to access my employer's Oracle server through a Java
>application (using JDBC thin). "I originally tried ssh -L
>1521:$serverIP$:1521 user@$employerShellServer$" but I quickly
>discovered that Oracle tries to make a second connection back to the
>client via a random port. I've looked at previous threads on this
>newsgroup on how to fix this problem but many of them refer to Oracle
>Metalink (which I don't have an account for) or specify adding
>registry keys (which won't work in linux/OS X).
>I've also tried changing my JDBC url to specify SERVER=DEDICATED
>(example below) but I only get the same error (IO Exception: The
>Network Adapter could not establish the connection).

That should work (or in other words, that works for me). Looks like you also forgot your example from the message, so I can't check whether the problem would be caused by errors in the URL.

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