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Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 02:29:15 GMT
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Usually you use an IOT if most of your retrievels are via the primary key. This is expecially true if you have a multi column primary key and you are retrieving data via the leading edge of the key. For example, if you had a payroll application where you have employees and their pay. You might have the pay table with the primary key of employeeid, datepaid. In most cases when you do data manipulation with an employee's pay you will do it for all or a subset of an employee's pay records. For example, an HR application that shows an employee and their recent pay. Since with the IOT the data in the table is sorted by the primary key it is more likely that retrieving the recent pay records for an employee would visit fewer blocks than the same table as a heap table. (with an index for the primary key - same index and same values)

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