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From: Geoff Muldoon <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 09:02:47 +1000
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> On Jun 10, 2:15 pm, Tracy McKibben <> wrote:
> > About a year ago, the company that I work for purchased another
> > company.  We're a large SQL Server shop, but this new company has a
> > mix of SQL Server and Oracle.  As part of the DBA team, I'm required
> > to start learning Oracle, in order to provide production support
> > (admin duties, performance tuning, etc..).
> >
> > Aside from classroom training (doesn't work well for me, I get bored),
> > what suggestions are there for getting up to speed?  I'm looking for a
> > "in SQL, you do it like this, in Oracle, you do it this way" stuff -
> > books, CBT's, whatever.  I'm planning to purchase the "Admin Workshop
> > I", "Admin Workshop II", and "Performance Tuning" CBT's from Oracle.
> > What else can I look for?
> I will suggest the following two texts which, in my opinion, are 'must
> reads':
> "Expert Oracle Database Architecture", Thomas Kyte, ISBN 1-59059-530-0

Add to this Tom Kyte's "Expert Oracle One-On-One", the first few chapters of which are invaluable for someone coming from a MSSQL background, as they stress the importance in recognising the differences between the two products.

> ""Oracle PL/SQL Programming, 4th Ed.", Steven Feuerstein, ISBN
> 0-596-00977-1

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