Re: Crossing over from SQL Server

From: GS <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 22:51:35 GMT
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Tracy McKibben wrote:
> About a year ago, the company that I work for purchased another
> company. We're a large SQL Server shop, but this new company has a
> mix of SQL Server and Oracle. As part of the DBA team, I'm required
> to start learning Oracle, in order to provide production support
> (admin duties, performance tuning, etc..).
> Aside from classroom training (doesn't work well for me, I get bored),
> what suggestions are there for getting up to speed? I'm looking for a
> "in SQL, you do it like this, in Oracle, you do it this way" stuff -
> books, CBT's, whatever. I'm planning to purchase the "Admin Workshop
> I", "Admin Workshop II", and "Performance Tuning" CBT's from Oracle.
> What else can I look for?

Just to add to what the others have told you(I look after both MSSQL and Oracle db's), get yourself used to the following:

what is known as a schema in an Oracle database is referred to a "database" in MSSQL

You don't have to back up your transaction logs as part of your backup strategy to have point in time recovery capability (but its still a good idea to back them up regardless), Oracle logs its transaction logs to disk automatically when you are in archivelog mode, and you can have them written to disk to multiple locations.

Don't expect Oracles GUI's to be as slick as MSSQL, I especially dislike the 10G dbconsole compared to the java version, although that is still available on 10g(but somewhat crippled) Having said that, I don't like the new 2005 MS EM GUI compared to the MSSQL 2000 version either.. Received on Tue Jun 10 2008 - 17:51:35 CDT

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