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From: kerravon <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 23:11:44 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks all for the comments. Several things to follow up now.

  1. What is DA? I will try to find out. The DBA said on multiple (written) occasions "replicates to [machine] using DA replication". It was also called "line by line replication" by someone else.
  2. A 400 msec response time shouldn't be caused by the speed of light - that should only account for 100 msec and thus can't be the main problem.
  3. TCP/IP tuning needs investigating.
  4. Increase frequency of switching redo to decrease problem with Dataguard lag time.
  5. Can a materialized view help?
  6. Find out what Quest is.

Follow up question:

What is this "old scripted way of doing things" (compressing logs etc)? If Dataguard is causing us grief, we have a non-DG utility/ script already available that doesn't require messing with the application and would be a generic solution worldwide?

Extra information:

An additional problem with Dataguard is that it requires the database to be put into "receive" mode which means we can't have the application up and running (but dormant) while the database is the target of replication.

And another problem is that the tables can't be part of a larger schema -
the database needs to be a surrogate of the master box.

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