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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 15:59:00 -0700
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AGT wrote:
> On Wed, 04 Jun 2008 19:02:01 +0000, Mladen Gogala wrote:

>> On Wed, 04 Jun 2008 19:49:56 +0100, Palooka wrote:
>>> Thanks Gopal, and to all others who responded. It'll be interesting to
>>> see what Frank has to say about the "bug pit". I hope he will amplify.
>> I disagree with Frank. I haven't had any problems with ASM and 
>> I find it much more convenient then raw devices. ASM is, essentially, 
>> an adiministration tool which helps you administer raw devices.
>> You get all the speed of raw devices and no administrative overhead.
>> You don't have to constantly ask SA to provision partitions in 16GB chunks
>> for you.

> Really? Youd have to where I drop in. All Sun shops.
> Only an SA (on Sun labelled disks) would/should have a clue how to prep
> a label up, change the ownership of devs, etc in such a way that dbca
> for example could even see the stuff.

I think you are misunderstanding Mladen's comment. Of course the SA's have to label the disks and present them to the O/S. But thereafter the DBA can manage the available space without having to bring in people that, all too often, have no interest in understanding Oracle and the needs of the DBA team.

My opinion is that for almost everything Oracle ... ASM is the way to go.

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