Re: ASM Question - Best Practice

From: AGT <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 10:13:42 -0700
Message-Id: <>

On Wed, 04 Jun 2008 10:24:41 +0200, Frank van Bortel wrote:

> Palooka wrote:

>> Our application will likely use Oracle 10g (probably on AIX
>> v6, using an EMC Symmetrix SAN. The environment doesn't exist yet - we
>> are at the planning stage.
>> The intention is to use ASM. So first question: The mirroring can be
>> done within ASM; i.e. by Oracle, or we can do it at the SAN level.
> Why use ASM at all?
> - nothing in ASM that cannot be done, using filesystems.

On a Sun JBOD set up I see SAME with different stripe sizes depending on what that stripe is allocated for. Oracle decides that.
Yes you could do that with file systems but there are some advantages to have Oracle deal with it rather than me : > I can add more disks much easier than I can expand a SAN LUN volume. On Solaris ASM filesystems are not visible to me except through Grid Contol or asmcmd - the DBAs are out of the loop (pretty much) even with a root password which to me is a blessing. Theres more advantages but Ill stop here.

> - a lot of the stuff SAN does, does ASM (and vice versa) > - in 10G, it's a bug pit.

Have not seen any complaints here about that. Care to be more specific? I means about ASM bug pits.

> I'd reconsider.

Again we dont know what "Palooka" is actually doing with Oracle. All we know is Oracle and EMC are in the mix. ASM may work out - it may be a bad idea : > I can add more disks much easier than I can expand a SAN LUN volume. Received on Wed Jun 04 2008 - 12:13:42 CDT

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