Re: High Availability Options

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2008 09:50:20 -0700
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Michael Austin wrote:

> DA Morgan wrote:

>> Pat wrote:
>>> So, I've been asked to propose a HA solution for an Oracle database.
>>> My original proposal was:
>>> Production RAC cluster in data center A
>>> DR Database (no cluster) in data center B
>>> I originally proposed Oracle Enterprise at both sites with dataguard
>>> being used to keep DR in synch with the prod cluster.
>>> Naturally, that particular configuration added up to some serious
>>> money (I don't recall the details, but I think we had 20+ LU's worth
>>> of Oracle Enterprise at $40k a pop). Probably not surprisingly, the
>>> customer came back and said "dear lord, can't you give us an HA
>>> architecture for less money?"
>>> Which brings me here. Are there any other best practises or
>>> recommended approaches for a High Availability Oracle configuration
>>> that don't rely on dataguard and Oracle Enterprise?
>> Anyone that pays Oracle $40K/cpu likely buys used cars for the price
>> on the window too. Bring in someone with experience working with
>> Oracle sales and I would expect a minimum 40% discount just by
>> virtue of asking for it.
> Funny you should mention buying a used car... Oracle Sales force has got 
> to be the best "used car salesmen" on the planet.  If you do not know 
> how to aggressively negotiate with them, they will eat your lunch.
> Rule #1: NEVER, EVER pay their first or maybe even their second quote.
> Rule #2: If you did pay full price, you cannot afford to NOT hire a 
> negotiator that understands rule #1.

Good software.
Good sales.
Good financial results.
Profits for the shareholders.
That's Larry's job description and he gets a passing grade. <g>

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