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Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2008 03:11:23 GMT
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> Our application will likely use Oracle 10g (probably on AIX v6,
> using an EMC Symmetrix SAN. The environment doesn't exist yet - we are at
> the planning stage.
> The intention is to use ASM. So first question: The mirroring can be done
> within ASM; i.e. by Oracle, or we can do it at the SAN level.
> Any advice or recommendations as to which is likely to be better?
> Availability and resilience will probably rank ahead of performance in
> terms of user requirements.
> Thanks,
> Palooka

Of course, it depends. My personal choice would be to use the SAN's mirroring if it is unloading the additional CPU from the server (ASM) to do the mirroring. Your milage may vary. It is possible to define at the tablespace level the level of mirroring. So for redo logs mirroring at both levels might be an excellent idea. (also the control files). You might want the indexes and tables only mirrored at the SAN level. ("unsafe" or "unprotected" mode in ASM parlance)

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