Problem setting up 11g RAC Standby database

From: songyu <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008 18:42:19 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

I have a primary 11g RAC db and I'm trying to set up a 11g RAC standby db. I have ASM and the nodeapps set up on the standby servers.

primary db instances: pridb1, pridb2
primary service name: pridb

standby db instances: stdydb1, stdydb2
standby service name: none

I ran the following rman command to get connected to the target and auxiliary instances:

rman target sys/syspassword_at_pridb1 auxiliary sys/syspassword_at_stdydb1

I was able to connect to the target db and to the auxiliary (nomount mode). I then issued the following command:

duplicate target database
for standby
from active database

RMAN backed up the spfile and orapwpridb1 files, etc and then it errored out when it tried to backup orapwpridb2. Obviously rman could not find orapwpridb2 file on the pridb1 server. orapwpridb2 file was on the pridb2 server.

I understand the set up of a single instance standby db but I guess I do not understand conceptually how this is done in a RAC standby environment. Is RMAN supposed to backup the second instance, orapwpridb2 automatically on the pridb2 server and copies the file to the stdydb2 server or am I supposed to tell RMAN that orapwpridb2 file resides on pridb2 server.

Am I supposed to use the service name to connect to the target and auxiliary instances like the following?

rman target sys/syspassword_at_pridb auxiliary sys/syspassword_at_stdydb

stdydb service name is not set up at this time. It's not clear to me at what point I need to set up the stdydb service name. Probably after getting the standby db up and running?

thanks. Received on Sun Jun 01 2008 - 20:42:19 CDT

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