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Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 16:05:40 GMT
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"Tony Rogerson" <> wrote in message news:g1reua$fd5$1$
>> SQL!=MS SQL Server
>> SQL= Structured Query Language
>> You are misusing an industry standard term. You are promolgating bad
>> information. It hurts your reputation as a professional.
>> Jim
> Jim, "SQL Server" is the trade mark and product name for the main stream
> database product Microsoft sells. So, I am correct in writing the product
> name "SQL Server" without the prefix.
> Would you write Oracle Oracle RDBMS when refering to Oracle? No; didn't
> think so - well, you might but nobody else on here or in the market place
> does.
> I can only assume that you've not researched or just entered the database
> field if you've not hear of the product "SQL Server" from Microsoft; or,
> perhaps you are just trying to be a smart arse - my guess is the latter.
> --
> Tony Rogerson, SQL Server MVP
> [Ramblings from the field from a SQL consultant]
> [UK SQL User Community]

Okay I can see you are dense or just a smart ass. Let me restate:

SQL!=SQL Server
SQL!= MS SQL Server
SQL = Structured Query Language, an industry standard term.

I assumed that if you said SQL Server you meant MS's SQL Server, which is acceptable and certainly understood. If you were talking about Sybase's server product most people would either say Sybase. If people are talking about Oracle's product they usually say Oracle or RDB (for that one).(similarily with Informix )

I was trying to politely point out that your sig strongly identifies you as a MS marketing troll. (SQL consultant vs SQL Server consultant or MS SQL Server consultant and like wise with the SQL User Community sig.) So either you are an idiot and don't know the difference or you are a MS marketing troll and are trying to coopt the industry standard term SQL (which is talking about a Set oriented language for data) for a Microsoft specific product.

For those who are professionals your sig demonstrates that you are a marketing troll not someone whom to go to for consulting services.

And no I am not new to the RDBMS world. I have been using, managing, writing applications for commercial RDBMS's or all sorts longer than MS has existed.
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