Re: "Snapshot too Old" exception when writing to a Global Temp Table.

From: Jimbo1 <>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 21:27:47 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

On May 29, 1:44 pm, Dion Cho <> wrote:
> On 5월29일, 오전11시29분, Jimbo1 <> wrote:
> > On May 29, 11:38 am, Dion Cho <> wrote:
> > > Just to clarify your situation, is your column is LOB type?
> > > Dion Cho
> > Ana, thanks for your response. I appreciate the irony, re. my
> > 'fact'! ;o)
> > Dion, One of the columns in the temp table is a CLOB.
> You need to check your whole error message.
> If your error message contains actual rollback segment name, you have
> rollback failure on normal data.
> But if your error message contains no valid rollback segment name(like
> blank), the failure is on the lob segment.
> LOB has its own mechanism for rollback and reason for snapshot too old
> error.
> For e.g., low pctversion or lob corruption.
> Search metalink for that.
> Dion Cho

Hi Dion,

Thanks for your illuminating post. You're just identified my problem. The error message I'm getting is indeed:

"ORA-01555: snapshot too old: rollback segment number with name "" too small"

So from what you're saying, it looks like the failure I'm experiencing is definitely on the LOB segment.

I was wondering why no rollback segment name was being quoted, but as I don't have the privs to see the rollback segment(s) (worse luck), I was assuming this was just a default rollback segment that hadn't been explicitly named.

I haven't done this much work with LOBs before, so am pretty inexperienced in this area. You've just cleared the fog of perplexity.

Thanks once again for your help.

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