Re: SQL Server for Oracle DBAs

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 09:40:26 -0700
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Tony Rogerson wrote:
>> Apparently you've missed the fact that SQL Server 2008 will be sold as
>> "Certified by Oracle" as the result of Microsoft's agreement to
>> duplicate Oracle database functionality. First IBM did it with DB2.
>> Now Microsoft is following suit.
> Yes, SQL Server 2008 is "Certified by Oracle" not because Microsoft is
> duplicating Oracle database functionality (show me the link - Oracle
> would have a field day with that) but because SQL Server 2008 can be
> used as the backend database to a number of Oracle products.

And that is true only because .... <g>

Microsoft is building into their product feature after feature after feature that were not that long ago pointed to when criticizing Oracle.

It appears that for you a conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking.

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