From: Robert Klemme <>
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 20:42:25 +0200
Message-ID: <>

On 26.05.2008 20:12, hpuxrac wrote:
> On May 26, 12:21 pm, Robert Klemme <> wrote:
> snip

>>> Late very late ...
>> Do you mean "late" as in "a few months late" or rather "asymptotically
>> approaching infinity"? :-)

> Well for "any" platform has not been around for a real long
> time has it?

That's true. It was just that my (probably naive) expectation did not include a scenario where there would be significant time lags between platform releases and no indication of the planned release dates.

> So I think the approaching infinity is kind of way off target.

Thanks for clarifying!

> However when you start considering that hpux itanium has been
> out and that was later than most ... and no pa risc yet ... well so
> much for the old days when solaris and hpux patchsets were out first
> and even lacking in port specific bugs in the install process.

Well, in the old days I did not get around to upgrading Oracle databases so my knowledge of the "golden age" is limited to what the - erm - experienced DBA's spread. :-)


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