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Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 03:34:16 GMT
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>> Does anyone have any experience using Oracle's JDBC ICC (implicit
>> connections cache) with RAC? We are on 10G. What I am looking for is
>> if anyone is using this and their overall experience. Good bad, etc.
>> Thanks,
>> Jim Kennedy
> Hi,
> I am the Oracle JDBC product manager, not a customer.
> I don't have permission to give names but there are happy customers
> using ICC with RAC as well as Fast Connection Failover and Runtime
> Connection Load Balancing.
> Fwiw, my blog entry
> gives a summary of how it works and how to enable it.
> Kuassi
> - blog
> - book
> -

Thanks. If you know of any customers that would be willing to provide feedback to me directly - I would not diseminate the information elsewhere - please have them contact me. jimk at snapnames dot com. We have been struggling with a non-rac related isse with the thin jdbc driver for a couple of years on a known issue. (create a type in schema A, grant execute on type to schema B. Create a synonym in schema B for the type defined in schema A. The JDBC thin driver does not handle this case. It turns out the 11g jdbc driver finally does, but Oracle recommends not using it because of a sever memory leak. Subsequently, we have had to write a lot of code to get around this issue and the QA manager is gun shy with some Oracle products. Which has lead me to my assignment to get some feedback from other customers. (not to be made public, to be kept in confidence) The QA manager wants to know if anyone actually uses this in production and wants to get feed back from them.

I know I have rambled a bit. I have booked marked your site and am keeping a copy of your reply for reference.
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