Re: Graphical Oracle administration

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 11:56:55 -0700
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Luigi wrote:
> Is there a free tool to administer Oracle and Oracle databases?
> I would like to use a tool similar to SQL Server Management Studio
> that let me create/drop databases and database objects, administer
> users, view tables' contents and so on.
> Oracle SQL Developer is great but has no create/drop database
> functions and no database server users management tools (global users
> not the one related to a db instance).
> Thanks in advance,
> Luigi.

You are getting responses that don't make sense because you are speaking SQL Server rather than Oracle. If you want to ask questions here you must learn enough about Oracle to use technical terms properly.

The word "Database" in Oracle has no connection, none, with the use of that word in SQL Server. In Oracle "Database" means a set of related physical files. An Oracle database owns no objects. What you should be asking about is tools to manage "Schema" objects. Similarly other parts of what you posted don't translate well either.

That said GUI tools are fine, often great, for monitoring databases. But anyone trying to manage one, from my perspective, should lose their job or be sent for training. It is impossible to create a repeatable process by clicking on links and scrolling through pages.

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