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From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 11:05:39 +0200
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> MArekM wrote:
>> I have a problem with installation of following components:
>> - Oracle Portal - Oracle Application Server 10g Standard Edition (10.1.4)
> Is this product certified for SUSE SLES 10?
> BTW, where did you find this product? I am able to find only 10.1.2 and
> 10.1.3 on Metalink and OTN.
> Y.

No it is not certified. Application Server is certified up to Sles 9.4. (Actually is says 9, release 3 and up). It won't install on SLES 10 without some tricks.
As far as I know, 10.1.4 is the version of the infrastructure coming with Oracle Identity Management. Portal does run on it, but only after running a Portal patch. Or 10.1.4 may be the PORTAL version number.

MOD_OC4J_0184 is an error (in the apache errorxxxxx.log) Failed to find an oc4j process for destination: OC4J_SECURITY This may be caused by having a wrong ORACLE_HOME setting, causing the wrong TNSNAMES to be used, caused by installing everything on the same server. Or

by not configuring the Metadata repository for OID. Or..................
Indeed: not enough detail to proceed.

Tip: first install the infrastructure server ONLY and configure it for OID. Check if it's working before you proceed to install the midtier servers. After installing Infrastructure, run opmnctl status to check if it's working.

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