Re: Updating Oracle database from SQL Server as linked table

From: Garrett Fitzgerald <>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 09:15:45 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

On May 13, 9:49 am, Mark D Powell <> wrote:
> If may also be possible to get around the ODBC error via the use of an
> explict convert function in the code or if that does not work by
> placing a view over the Oracle table that incudes the necessary
> conversion.  I think I have managed to work around one or two errors
> using the above.

Mark, thanks: I created a view on the relevant fields, casting Number to Number(16), and it worked like a charm.

Thanks to everyone else who chimed in as well: I appreciate the assistance. :-) Received on Wed May 14 2008 - 11:15:45 CDT

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