Re: Grid Control use by DBAs

From: bdbafh <>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 15:01:58 -0700 (PDT)
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On May 12, 4:56 pm, joel garry <> wrote:
> On May 10, 10:31 am, "F" <> wrote:
> > We hired a DBA of late who claims to have a lot of experience and none of us
> > had experience with Oracle before as its a new environment. He said he has
> > never used Grid Control before. We are using 10g. He said he has always
> > used scripts.
> > Is that a concern ? I feel maybe we have not picked the right person. Let me
> > know.
> I also agree with the others, with the following question:
> Does the person show an interest in keeping up with the state of the
> art?
> If yes, he'll likely go through the learning curve (ie, "why is grid
> messed up after I patched?"), and be fine.
> If no, he'll have an attitude like "GUI's are for clueless newbies"
> and probably have 10% of usefulness he should have, as he struggles
> against doing everything through the interface.
> Hopefully he will keep an open mind and want to do things right. It
> may not even matter, as when he moves on the next person will blame
> everything on him, whether deserved or not.
> Can you give any specifics as to the cause of your feeling? Simply
> being taciturn may or may not be a bad sign - he may simply be
> unwilling to say much until he becomes comfortable in the
> environment. Or, he may have the attitude problem, and you'll find
> out the hard way. It's tough to distinguish between stylistic
> differences and problems, it might take 6 months to tell.
> Of course, if you are all new to Oracle your expectations may need to
> be adjusted too, and the problem may be in his approach to that as
> opposed to technical issues. Some places need a bastard dba from
> hell, after all is said and done.
> jg

> Some places need a bastard dba from
> hell, after all is said and done.


and I'm glad for that.

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