Re: Memory Sizing Advice

From: Jack <>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 11:33:34 GMT
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Advice: buy, 16G RAM
If you later find that more would be usefull, you can add it when needed.

But if you have too much $ , buy more. I would be clad to show how utilize it!
(By order)

"Pat" <> wrote in message
> I'm in the process of speccing out the hardware for an Oracle
> server. We're expecting a database in the 200G size. Working set is
> hard to estimate, but in analagous 100G systems I see a buffer hit
> ratio or around 70% with a 2.3 G SGA (about as big as I can get it on
> a 32 bit OS). Based on this and a fair amount of spitball analysis I'd
> guess the working set on the new box to be around 8-10G.
> For the new hardware, we're going to 64bit os, and 64 bit Oracle.
> We're expecting 50 or so concurrent connections to the database (all
> coming from an application pool). Given the nature of the application
> though, its very unusual for the acutal concurrency to get much over
> 15 or so active sessions.
> The question I have is, is there any downside to me buying, say, a 32G
> box and setting the SGA size at 20G? Will I actually end up harming my
> performance with an over-large SGA (assuming I have enough physical
> memory to keep the box out of swap)?
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