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Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 10:33:14 -0700 (PDT)
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On May 8, 9:58 am, wrote:
> On May 8, 11:34 am, "" <> wrote:
> > On May 8, 11:17 am, wrote:
> > > Dear All,
> > > I have big problems trying to access a database using SQL*Plus through
> > > command prompt. I am a beginner DBA, and my first challenge is to make
> > > a backup and recovery of an Oracle9i database.
> > > I tried to access through SQL*Plus windows but it showed me "TSNames
> > > No listener"...and accessing using SQL*Plus through command prompt I
> > > could, but now...I can do anything else, I can't use RMAN, V$ .... I
> > > got completely lost..and I will appreciate so much any help.
> > > Thanks in advance for your time.
> > > Bets regards,
> > > BeginnerDBA
> > Since you won't supply the command you attempted to use to access an
> > Oracle database through SQL*Plus tell us why we should take our time
> > to try and solve an issue where no real information is available.
> > Post what you did and what error messages you received.
> > David Fitzjarrell
> Ok, I apologize....this is my first day as a real DBA after I finished
> college, no more practice...nothing ...this is real. Also, this is the
> first time using this tool to try to contact someone who could help
> me.
> Well, after I launch SQLPlus in the command prompt I tried to see the
> blocks that I got corrupted after a hot backup, and I ran v
> $backup_corruption...and the only message I got was "unknown
> command"..... the thing is that if you could help me giving me some
> help what should I do...or may be some link where I can read ...I will
> do it....I just want to know which is the best way to make a backup
> and recovery by using the SQLPlus through command prompt
> window.........
> Thanks

Well, one thing about being a DBA is you are expected to know all about these things, or be able to find them out in a timely manner. The _one thing_ you cannot get wrong is recovery!

First of all, RMAN is a separate tool from SQL*Plus. There are many varieties of Oracle and means of controlling it, you need to be much more specific about your platform, version and so on. I wrote a minifaq for this group to help newbies:

There are online resources to help you out, including a "2-day DBA" to get you started, and the docs are searchable at, including a basic backup book for some versions. Some of the Oracle training varies from the real world, so online fora help you reconcile that. But few people will hold your hand completely, you need to show effort and a grasp of the basics. So be sure and read that Concepts manual!

As far as your listener issue, that may mean your listener isn't running, and may mean your environment is incorrect. Do you have a senior DBA or even developer there to help you get started? I'm sure some people are curious how you could manage to get a DBA job with no experience, too.

The command you perhaps wanted to run from sqlplus was: select * from v$backup_corruption;

But why are you running that command?

You probably want to (from the OS command line): echo $ORACLE_BASE $ORACLE_HOME $PATH $ORACLE_SID $TNS_ADMIN lsnrctl status

You probably want to search your client machine for tnsnames.ora, you may have been using one misconfigured for your server and listener. Or maybe you just haven't started the listener. Hard to say without knowing exactly what your configuration is.


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