Re: How a server oracle can read mdb(access) database

From: Molok <>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 06:27:18 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

On 30 Apr, 14:28, "C. (" <..> wrote:
> On Apr 30, 11:49 am, Raimo <molok> wrote:
> > Hi. I have a server "A" with oracle 10g express (free) and a server
> > "B" with an Access database.
> > I need that an application that uses oracle server can reads tables on
> > "B". How can i do this?
> > Can do i make a Local View on "A" of "B"?
> > thanks
> You can attach odbc tables in Access, but performance sucks big time
> when Access tries to resolve queries on remote tables.

I'll 've to do only a few of interrogation of "select" two-three time at day, so performance are not a problem.

> Keep all your data in Oracle and use passthrough queries so that
> Oracle does the clever stuff. (Or keep everything in Access - but
> concurrent access sucks).

Mhm. How i can see the table in the .mdb access file on the workstation "B" from the Oracle server in the workstation "A"? What type of solution you suggest? Odbc, Ado... Received on Wed Apr 30 2008 - 08:27:18 CDT

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