Suunto Ss004746330 Observer Mens Watch - Cheapest Watch

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Suunto Ss004746330 Observer Mens Watch - Cheapest Watch

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Suunto Ss004746330 Observer Mens Watch --- one of best selling watches, it is crafted in high quality Watches.

Suunto Ss004746330 Observer Mens Watch Description:

Watch Features include: Day; dual time; and date; plus three daily alarms and stopwatch Altimeter Specs inclue a 9000 meter range; with adjustable altitude alarm; and 24 hours of logbook memory with ability to store up to 40;000 ft of data. The Suunto Observer features the ability to measure ascent and descent rates between stages with altitude simultaneously all by one button access Barometer Specs: Absolute pressure range 300 - 1 1-hPa/ 9.90 - 32.40 inHg Sea level pressure range 921 - 1080 hPa / 27.25 - 30.80 inHg Resolution 1hPa / 0.05 inHg Temperature compensation Automatic 4-day memory stores pressure information in one hour intervals for the last six hours; then in six hour intervals Temperature range -20 degrees - +60 degrees C / -5 degrees - +140 degrees F Barometer use: unique feature to keep altitude from changing when unit is used as a barometer Barometric trend indicator Compass is accurate to two compass degrees with declination adjustment function to correct the difference between true north and magnetic north - uses global needle. Bearings can be taken in degrees and cardinal points Electroluminescent backlight Temperature compensation Waterproof to 100m/330 ft Maximum battery life of 18 months Low battery indicator User-replaceable battery Titanium case is strong and lighter than Stainless. Comfortable polymer (synthetic rubber) strap with titanium buckle Approximate dimensions: 1 3/4" in width (44 mm) and 14.5 mm thick

Suunto Ss004746330 Observer Mens Watch Details:

Brand: Suunto

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