Re: library cache miss ratio very high - how to find out the rot cause

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: 27 Apr 2008 14:09:18 GMT
Message-ID: <4814890d$0$6432$>

On Tue, 22 Apr 2008 07:27:05 -0700, Mark D Powell wrote:

> 1 - Use of the AWR requires a tuning pack license.

That is true. Unfortunately, statspack is slowly going out and AWR is not free. I hope that Oracle is making enough money from the diagnostic pack to offset the ill will and annoyance created by charging for something that used to be free. You see, AWR is just the next release of statspack. Oracle saw that it was good and popular and decided to start charging for it. In essence, they took the good free product away. This sort of thing used to be happening with DEC, too. When DEC went overboard with DECStation and Alpha chips, I started recommending ISC (an old brand of Intel Unix, no longer available) and 486.
Now, I am recommending people to use PgSQL for all small databases which do not need high availability and 7x24 availability. That is probably the best way to save some money for the diagnostic pack. PgSQL can do everything that Oracle 7.3 was capable of and more. It is perfectly sufficient for office databases with up to 200 simultaneous active users. PgSQL 8.1 has tablespaces, bitmap indexes, good statistics optimizer and quite a nice subset of dynamic performance tables. It's not nearly as complete as Oracle's but it's getting there. And it costs infinitely less then Oracle.

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