Re: DBCA failing after 10.2.03 upgrade

From: Mike Jones <>
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 18:50:08 -0600
Message-ID: <>

"hpuxrac" <> wrote in message On Apr 26, 6:18 pm, "Mike Jones" <> wrote:


>> > 1) Can you in your environment create a reproducible test case? If so
>> > great otherwise my guess is that you possibly did something unusual
>> > somewhere along the way. The OUI error messages should mean
>> > something ...
>> I have been able to reproduce the problem on three different systems and
>> repeated installs on a test system. It's very repeatable for me. Am I to
>> assume this repeatable behavior is limited to myself? I was unable to
>> find
>> any references to this problem when doing my research.
> Sounds likely then that you will be able to submit a service request
> that oracle might actually be able to reproduce your results and file
> a bug for. Well then of course there's always that fix status "in next
> release" that doesn't make any of us very satisfied.
> I for one have not used dbca for anything over the last 5 years for
> anything but a "custom" database where oracle rebuilds everything from
> scratch. Still there are enough oracle users out there on that this
> sure looks like it should have been discovered and reported already.
> Or all the 32 bit linux users still on base 10.2? Doesn't sound very
> likely to me.
> Filing a service request looks unavoidable.

It's odd that I can reproduce it on three completely different systems. The only thing in common between the three is the base ( installation media. I think I will try downloading it again and seeing if I can repeat it. I'm surprised that I've been able to repeat it consistently (every one has always done this) yet I haven't been able to find any postings of anyone else experiencing the problem.

>> > 2) Did you try using the patchset which should be available
>> > for your environment by now? In other words, why patch to
>> > when oracle has a newer patchset available now?
>> I am downloading right now. I'll post my results here.
> Keep us posted.

I have the same problem with the patch set. Thanks for all your assistance. I'll post back here once I've downloaded the base package. I might also try it with a different OS (Solaris). Received on Sat Apr 26 2008 - 19:50:08 CDT

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