Re: Multiple databases - best performance scenario

From: NetComrade <>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 19:50:58 GMT
Message-ID: <>

On Sat, 12 Apr 2008 17:33:01 +0200, wrote:

>> Multiple schemas have other issues as well as general performance.
>>There appears to be some sort of 'bug' in Oracle that causes it to
>>become confused. We have, on occasions, seen it using the wrong
>>compiled code to access a table that has the same name across two
>>schemas. We can resolve this by prefixing all table names with the
>>user name. The second problem is more pervasive and we don't have a
>>fix. When two schemas are active and updating tables Oracle may throw
>>a wobbly stating that it can no longer maintain database state for one
>>instance and the SQL terminates. It's clearly a bug as either schema
>>will work correctly when running solo.
>That's the most ridiculous nonsense there has been posted here in a
>I have never had any problems.
>Especially the second problem you describe is utter crap.
>Are you sure you are running Oracle or some toy product like MySQL?
>It looks like the time for a developer beating is nigh.

As another poster noted, this was indeed a disgusting bug, which was fixed. As far as the 2nd part of the complaint, I never heard of such issues either. OP should post more details.

We run Oracle 9iR2,10gR2, 10g2RAC on RH4/RH5 and Solaris 10 (Sparc) We use RMAN and remote catalog for backups Received on Mon Apr 14 2008 - 14:50:58 CDT

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