Re: how can I get bind values for another session? There are conditions..

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Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 12:38:42 -0700 (PDT)
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On Apr 11, 12:10 pm, sybrandb <> wrote:
> On Apr 11, 11:09 am, wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I have a question about oracle10g. How can I get the bind variables?
> > Here is a description of the situation:
> > 1. A java process starts a stored procedure via jdbc.
> > 2. The procedure has a number of bind variables as input.
> > 3. The java process does NOT commit but just sleeps.
> > 4. I can't change the statistics_level (it must be typical).
> > 5. I cannot predict when this happens and I cannot trace all sessions
> > from that user due to performance requirements.
> > Can I use oradebug somehow?
> > Thanks for your help!
> Do you  really need to post this on every forum you can spell?
> Why don't you just:
> select * from dict where table_name like '%BIND%'  and read the docs?
> --
> Sybrand Bakker
> Senior Oracle DBA

Hello Sybrand,

Thanks for replying with your thoughts. You are right it would have been better to post in 1 forum and wait for the answer. But with hindsight we are all wiser!

I have read books and the first place I looked at is any bind views / tables. If you try this yourself (write a temp proc that inserts into a table with a primary key, then make a dummy select from dual), you will see it's not easy to get the bind variables (remember the statistics level is set to typical). If you can get to the information about what the bind value was actually assigned to the call of the test procedure from another session before a commit, I would be interested in learning how.

If you have the time, perhaps you can try it and let me know your findings.

Thanks again! Received on Sun Apr 13 2008 - 14:38:42 CDT

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